Your question: What language is the Protestant Bible written in?

What languages was the Protestant Bible printed in?

During and after the Protestant Reformation copies of the Bible were made vernacular languages such as English, German, Swedish, and Danish. This made the Bible accessible to many more people than it had been before.

Was the Protestant Bible printed in English?

A group of Protestant scholars, fleeing persecution, found refuge in Calvinist Switzerland, where they began work on an English translation of the Bible from Greek and Hebrew, borrowing heavily from the work of Tyndale. Their New Testament appeared in 1557, followed by the printing of the entire Bible in 1560.

What language was the Hebrew Bible the Protestant Old Testament originally written in?

For full treatment, see biblical literature: Texts and versions. …has come down in Greek translation from the Jews of Alexandria via the Christian church differs in many… The Jewish Bible, the Old Testament, was originally written almost entirely in Hebrew, with a few short elements in Aramaic.

What books are missing from the Protestant Bible?

The Protestant Apocrypha contains three books (1 Esdras, 2 Esdras and the Prayer of Manasseh) that are accepted by many Eastern Orthodox Churches and Oriental Orthodox Churches as canonical, but are regarded as non-canonical by the Catholic Church and are therefore not included in modern Catholic Bibles.

Is Catholic and Protestant Bible the same?

The Roman Catholic Bible consists of 73 books in the old testaments whereas the Protestant Bible contains only 66 books. The Catholic Bible accepts both Hebrew and Septuagint scriptures. … The protestants don’t believe in human beings being infallible and their only head of the church is Jesus.

Is King James Bible Catholic or Protestant?

Catholic Bible is the general term for a Christian Bible. King James Bible is one of the versions of the Bible available in Christianity. Catholic Bible has 46 books of Old and 27 books of the New Testament.