Why did Luther burn the excommunication decree?

Why was Luther excommunicated and declared?

In January 1521, Pope Leo X excommunicated Luther. Three months later, Luther was called to defend his beliefs before Holy Roman Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms, where he was famously defiant. For his refusal to recant his writings, the emperor declared him an outlaw and a heretic.

Why was Luther excommunicated quizlet?

Leo excommunicated Martin Luther in 1521. (1500-1558) wanted to unite all of Europe under his watch and have them all turned Catholic. … (1463-1525) Protected Martin Luther after he was excommunicate from the Catholic Church.

What did the Papal Bull say about witchcraft?

The bull recognized the existence of witches: It gave approval for the Inquisition to proceed “correcting, imprisoning, punishing and chastising” such persons “according to their deserts”.

How did the Catholic Church respond to Martin Luther in 1521?

On November 9, 1518 the pope condemned Luther’s writings as conflicting with the teachings of the Church. … Luther refused to recant, and on January 3, 1521 Pope Leo excommunicated Martin Luther from the Catholic Church. On April 17, 1521 Luther appeared before the Diet of Worms in Germany.

Why did Luther appeal to the German nobility?

Many of the German princes supported Luther. They used the religious struggle as a weapon against their feudal lord, the Holy Roman emperor, who had allied with the Catholic Church. It is not out of mere arrogance and stubbornness that 1, one poor and insignificant man, have decided to appeal to your lordships.

Why did Luther refuse to recant his work?

In June 1520 Pope Leo X condemned 41 of Luther’s Ninety-five Theses, but he also gave Luther time to recant. … The next day, again before the assembled Diet, Luther refused to repudiate his works unless convinced of error by Scripture or by reason. Otherwise, he stated, his conscience was bound by the Word of God.

Who excommunicated Martin Luther quizlet?

The 95 Theses were copied and posted on every church door. The church asked Luther to recant, but he refused and Pope Leo X excommunicated him.

What were the two sacraments accepted by Luther in his church quizlet?

The abuse of indulgences. What two sacraments did Luther retain? Baptism and Communion because they were the only ones mentioned in the Bible.