You asked: Is there an audio version of the Bible?

Is there an audible version of the Bible?

Read in a single voice with subtle background music, the NIV Listener’s Audio Bible features Max McLean’s skillful, engaging, but never over-dramatized style reading the entire text of the Bible. … Listen to just 13 minutes a day and you’ll get through the entire Bible in a year!

Which audio Bible is best?

Best Bible Audiobook | Holy Bible Audiobook

  • 2) Listener’s Audio Bible – New International Version, NIV: Complete Bible.
  • 3) James Earl Jones Reads the Bible: The King James Version of the New Testament.
  • 9) A History of the Bible: The Story of the World’s Most Influential Book.

Is there an audio app for the Bible?

Description. Listen to the Bible, a daily devotional, Reading Plans, the Verse of the Day and your prayer list. YouVersion Bible is completely free and lets you listen to books, chapters and verses of the Bible. … Download the free Bible App for iPhone/iPad, Android devices and Amazon tablets at

Can I download audio Bible?

Bible is an Android and Apple app that works best with a network connection but also enables you to download various versions of the bible as an audio book. … While it isn’t strictly offline, it does offer downloads of the bible.

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Is dwell Bible app free?

Dwell’s Pricing

The app itself is free to download and can be used to explore all that Dwell has to offer. To unlock everything, a Dwell subscription is needed. We offer two different types of subscriptions: Annual Subscription: $39.99.

Who voiced the Bible on tape?

Alexander Scourby was the first to record the King James Bible on long play records in 1944. After 68 years, his recording is still regarded as the Gold standard and still the very best narration on the market, as verified in the above survey report.

What translation does dwell use?

As of this writing, the Dwell app includes the English Standard Version (ESV) only. The developers have stated, however, that they hope to add additional translations in the future.

Can you change the Bible App voice?

By default, YouVersion Rest will play for 30 minutes. If you want YouVersion Rest to keep playing, simply say “loop” while listening. … To change to a different voice, say “Alexa, ask YouVersion Rest to change the voice.” Brought to you by the creators of YouVersion Bible.

Which Bible do Catholics use?

Roman catholic bible? Catholics use the New American Bible.