Where does the Bible talk about the upper room?

Why did the disciples go to the upper room?

The disciples are hiding out in the days following Jesus’s death and resurrection. After all, the folks in Jerusalem aren’t too thrilled with them and they like to express their disapproval in crucifixion form. A room in the upper level of a house would be a good place to hide.

Is there 120 in the upper room?

hard to believe. Just before he ascended to heaven, Jesus told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they received power from God. There were 120 people waiting.

When was Jesus in the Upper Room?

We’ll be looking specifically at chapters 13-17. This is Jesus’ “farewell” or “upper room” discourse. He gave this teaching to his 12 disciples on Thursday evening of Passion Week. They were celebrating the Jewish holiday, Passover and this was just hours before he was arrested.

What is the last will and testament of Jesus?

Jesus’ Will (Testament) Went Into Effect at the Moment of His Death. … In every will, the testator must die (or blood must be shed) for the will to go into effect (Heb. 9:16-17).

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