When did the three witnesses see the Book of Mormon?

Did the witnesses of the Book of Mormon actually see plates?

William Smith, who knew the Eight Witnesses well — his father and two of his brothers were among them — explained “they not only saw with their eyes but handled with their hands the said record.” Daniel Tyler heard Samuel Smith testify that “He knew his brother Joseph had the plates, for the prophet had shown them to

Did the 3 witnesses see the Sword of Laban?

Laban’s Sword Figures into Church History

One of the Indians had a great long sword. … David Whitmer states that he and another of the three witnesses, Olivery Cowdery were with Joseph Smith when they were shown the sword of Laban, as well as other items and records.

Did the Three Witnesses see the gold plates?

The three witnesses would tell people about the gold plates, and more people would believe that Joseph had told the truth. Jesus told Joseph to show the plates to eight more witnesses. The eight men held the gold plates in their hands and saw the writing on the plates.

Why are witnesses important LDS?

Two or more witnesses give a binding voice in the testimony of truth. Through the testimony of witnesses the Lord establishes the truth of his work before his children. Men are left without excuse and may either accept or reject the word of God.

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Why did the Lord provide witnesses of the Book of Mormon?

In regard to the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, the Lord said that he would choose witnesses. … Their testimony is that they received a visitation of an angel from the presence of the Lord, who laid before them the golden record from whence the Book of Mormon was translated and instructed them.

Why is the sword of Laban so important?

In Nephi’s narrative, the sword of Laban played a key role in foreshadowing his future kingship and legitimizing his divine calling as a “ruler and a teacher over [his] brethren” (1 Nephi 2:22). The story of his obtaining the sword is loaded with political significance, as well as spiritual symbolism.

Are golden plates really gold?

William Smith also said the plates were “a mixture of gold and copper” — the precise alloy that Putnam found was used by ancient Americans. Putnam calculated that each plate could have been . 02 inches thick (average copier paper is five times thinner or about .