What is the name of the document from the Second Vatican Council that describes the church?

What is the document of the Second Vatican Council that explains the origin of the church?

Lumen gentium, the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, is one of the principal documents of the Second Vatican Council. This dogmatic constitution was promulgated by Pope Paul VI on 21 November 1964, following approval by the assembled bishops by a vote of 2,151 to 5.

What is the name of this Vatican Council II document?

The Council’s document Dei Verbum (“The Word of God”) states the principle active in the other council documents that “The study of the sacred page is, as it were, the soul of sacred theology”.

What type of document is Gaudium et Spes?

The “Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World” was among the last documents to be promulgated at the Second Vatican Council. * It was the longest document produced, with 24,076 (Latin) words, and probably received more attention than any other document of the Council.

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How did Vatican 2 change the Mass?

Vatican II also made profound changes in the liturgical practices of the Roman rite. It approved the translation of the liturgy into vernacular languages to permit greater participation in the worship service and to make the sacraments more intelligible to the vast majority of the laity.

What were the aims of the Second Vatican Council?

Among his stated objectives in calling the council were: to foster spiritual renewal; to renew commitment to world evangelism and develop strategy; to lay the groundwork for an eventual reunion of the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations; to make church doctrine more accessible and comprehensible; to …

What are the 14 Second Vatican Council documents?

Online Documents of the Second Vatican Council

  • Constitution: Dei Verbum.
  • Constitution: Lumen Gentium.
  • Constitution: Sacrosanctum Concilium.
  • Constitution: Gaudium et Spes.
  • Declaration: Gravissimum Educationis.
  • Declaration: Nostra Aetate.
  • Declaration: Dignitatis Humanae.
  • Decree: Ad Gentes.

What categories of documents did the Second Vatican Council produce?

Four key documents were the result of the council.

  • Sacrosanctum Concilium (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy)
  • Lumen gentium (Dogmatic Constitution on the Church)
  • Dei verbum (Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation)
  • Gaudium et spes (Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World)

What is the main points of Gaudium et Spes?

Five priorities of concern: Marriage and family, human culture, social-political and economic life, bonds among nations, and war and peace.

What are the major points of Gaudium et Spes?


  • Fostering the Nobility of Marriage and the Family (47-52)
  • The Proper Development of Culture (53-62) The Circumstances of Culture in the World Today (54-56) …
  • Economic and Social Life (63-72) …
  • The Life of the Political Community (73-76)
  • The Fostering of Peace and the Promotion of a Community of Nations (77-93)
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What were the goals of the Vatican Council II document Gaudium et Spes?

What were the goals of the Vatican Council II document Gaudium et Spes? Also known as the Pastoral Constitution on the church in the Modern World, its goals was to scrutinize the signs of the times and interpret them in light of the gospels.