What happened to Pastor Bill Hybels?

What happened to the pastor at Willow Creek?

On April 10, 2018, following allegations of sexual abuse, Bill Hybels announced his immediate resignation as senior pastor of the church; he had previously planned to retire in October of that year. … In April 2020, the Elder Board of Willow Creek named Dave Dummitt as the new Senior Pastor.

What did Shauna Niequist dad do?

Who is Bill Hybels daughter?

Who is Shauna Niequist dad?

Why is John ortberg leaving Menlo church?

On July 29, Menlo Church announced that Ortberg had resigned his position, effective August 2, 2020, citing broken trust and fallout from the “poor judgement” in decisions he had made in allowing his son to continue to volunteer with students after his confession of an attraction to minors.

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