What does Villany mean in the Bible?

What is vile in the Bible?

Morally base or evil; wicked; depraved; sinful.

What does the word miraculous mean in the Bible?

an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause. such an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God. a wonder; marvel.

Is Villainry a word?

Villains as a group. The local villainry were no doubt responsible.

What do lewdness mean?

: involving or being sexual conduct that is considered indecent or offensive : licentious convicted of lewd and lascivious assault upon a child — National Law Journal. Other Words from lewd. lewdly adverb. lewdness noun. More from Merriam-Webster on lewd.

What does it mean to be called vile?

1a : morally despicable or abhorrent nothing is so vile as intellectual dishonesty. b : physically repulsive : foul a vile slum. 2 : of little worth or account : common also : mean. 3 : tending to degrade vile employments. 4 : disgustingly or utterly bad : obnoxious, contemptible vile weather had a vile temper.

What are vile things?

Vile is something or someone so morally wrong or offensive as to be thoroughly disgusting. Are you appalled by someone’s sordid, despicable, ugly and just generally awful behavior?

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How many ways does God speak to us?

Throughout human history, God has initiated communication with humanity by speaking audibly to humans. He also speaks to us through the glory of His creation. Additionally, He speaks to us through His Holy Spirit and through dreams, visions and our thoughts.

What is miracle of God?

What is a miracle? A miracle is an act not fully explained by natural forces but attributed to supernatural forces, mainly God. There are many definitions of miracles. But, Biblically speaking miracles involve God doing something uncommon and usually awe-inspiring in order to reveal himself to mankind.

What are the 3 types of miracles?

The three types of healings are cures where an ailment is cured, exorcisms where demons are cast away and the resurrection of the dead. Karl Barth said that, among these miracles, the Transfiguration of Jesus is unique in that the miracle happens to Jesus himself.

What does roguery mean?

1 : an act or behavior characteristic of a rogue. 2 : mischievous play. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About roguery.

What do you mean by bombarded?

Definition of bombard (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to attack especially with artillery or bombers. 2 : to assail vigorously or persistently (as with questions) 3 : to subject to the impact of rapidly moving particles (such as electrons)

What does Bumptiously mean?

: presumptuously, obtusely, and often noisily self-assertive : obtrusive.