What does Scout learn at first purchase church?

What does Scout learn from Calpurnia’s church?

What does Scout learn when she accompanies Calpurnia to church? … Scout learns that Calpurnia has to change the way she talks to make her seem the same as them. She didn’t want them to think that she thinks she better with them. Scout also learns that the colored church is very poor and didn’t have any hymn-books.

What do the children learn when they go to first purchase church what do they learn about Cal that they didn’t know before what do they realize?

In Chapter 12, Calpurnia takes Jem and Scout to Sunday service at First Purchase African American M.E. Church. As a result of their visit, Scout learns some information about Calpurnia that she never knew. Scout learns that Calpurnia is older than her father and that she celebrates her birthday on Christmas.

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What does Scout learn from Calpurnia’s account of Zeebo’s education quizlet?

What does Scout learn from Calpurnia’s account of Zeebo’s education? Scout learned that Calpurnia used the same book to teach Zeebo how to read , as she did. This book was given to her by Scout’s grandfather. Explain why Calpurnia speaks differently in the Finch household, and among her neighbors at church.

Why does Scout cry when they talk to Atticus?

what makes scout cry while Atticus is talking with her and Jem? Atticus speaks sharply to her, and she becomes emotional. She is upset because Atticus is not acting like himself and is telling them things he does not believe in: “This was not my father.

Why doesn’t Atticus take Jem and Scout to church?

Why doesn’t Atticus take Jem & Scout to church in Chapter 12? He thinks they are too old for it. He is away at a meeting with the State Legislature. … He is back in Maycomb and he kisses Scout.

What are some signs that Scout is growing up?

In To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout shows signs of maturing and growing up by appealing to Mr. Cunningham’s interests at the jail, recognizing the hypocrisy of Miss Gates, showing concern for Jem and Atticus, accepting that Jem is growing up, and showing respect to and empathizing with Boo Radley.

Why is Miss Caroline unhappy with Scout?

Why was Miss Caroline displeased with Scout? Miss Caroline was very displeased that Scout is able to read and write. She makes Scout feel very guilty about it. Miss Caroline tells Scout to tell Atticus not to read with her anymore.

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What lesson does Miss Maudie teach?

Among many things, Miss Maudie teaches Scout that she should not judge people based solely on rumors she might hear about them. Scout, being only six years old at the time of the story, believes everything that reaches her hears and takes most things literally.

What future job does Mrs. Dubose predict for Scout?

Dubose does say that Scout will end up working at the O.K. Cafe, which terrifies her because of its bad reputation. Scout grabs at her brother’s hand for comfort, but he shakes her loose. Even though Jem is upset Mrs. Dubose said Scout will…

What new things does Scout learn from Calpurnia’s account of Zeebo’s education?

How she taught him was that she “made him get a page of the Bible every day” and then used a book that their grandaddy Finch had given to her years ago, and taught him to read using both of those sources. So, through Calpurnia’s tutelage, Zeebo learned how to read.

Why is Atticus nice to Mrs. Dubose?

But Atticus admires her anyway because of the way she fights off her morphine addiction in the month or so before she dies. He respects her determination and her bravery. This is why he says she is a great lady. He says that courage is the determination to get back up again even though you know you’re “licked.”