Question: What part of speech is religion?

Is religion a noun or verb?

RELIGION (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is religion an adjective?

RELIGIOUS (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What type of word is religion?

Word forms: plural religions. 1. uncountable noun. Religion is belief in a god or gods and the activities that are connected with this belief, such as praying or worshipping in a building such as a church or temple. …

What is a religious speech?

Religious speech is employed by religious communities to pass on their knowledge, to negotiate their values and norms and to relate to other religious and non-religious communities.

What is the verb for religion?

religion. Engage in religious practice. Indoctrinate into a specific religion. To make sacred or symbolic; sanctify.

Is Religious a common noun?

They are proper nouns because they are specific (referring to one believers of a religion by a name, rather than a general word such as religion which doesn’t specify a religion). They must be capitalized.

What is the verb for beauty?

The verb form of “beauty” is “beautify”.

What is an adjective for religion?

adjective. of, relating to, or concerned with religion: a religious holiday. imbued with or exhibiting religion; pious; devout; godly: a religious man.

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What are the 3 types of religion?

An overview of the three main religions. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are the three major religions in the world.

What is an example of religion?

Religion is a set of beliefs about God or the supernatural. An example of religion is Christianity. … The belief in and worship of a supernatural controlling power, especially a personal god or gods. My brother tends to value religion, but my sister not as much.

What is the aim of religion?

The Purpose of Religion

The purposes of the practice of a religion are to achieve the goals of salvation for oneself and others, and (if there is a God) to render due worship and obedience to God. Different religions have different understandings of salvation and God.