How do I change jobs to priest in Ragnarok?

How do I change my acolyte to a priest?

Apply to become a Priest in the Prontera Church prt_church1641 by speaking to Bishop Paul. You must visit all three Ascetics from the Acolyte Job Quest. However, this step may be skipped by Job Level 50 Acolytes. They have to be visited in sequence.

How do I change jobs in the high priest?

Get at least 40 Job Levels as an Acolyte High and return to the Sage Castle in Juno. Read the Book of Ymir again to return to Valhalla. Talk to the High Priest NPC to change your job. You are now a High Priest, ready for action.

How do I change to High Priest Ragnarok?

Job Change Guide

To become a High Priest, you must find a book called ‘the Book of Ymir’ in ‘Sage Castle’, Juno. The book will lead you to Valhalla so you can change your job through the High Priest Job NPC. Also you must reach at least Job Level 40 as a Transcendent 1st class character.

How do I switch jobs to a sniper?

Just level your high archer normally and when your character reaches to job lvl 40 or 50 you can now change into a sniper. Go back all the way to the Valkyrie Hall and talk to the sniper NPC. Just answer yes when asked and she will change you into a Sniper.

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How do I change my RO job?

Simply follow the quest markers and complete each simple task until it leads you to Kafra. Once you finish her task, you can finally head on over to the Job Change Hall on the upper left corner of your map in Pontera. Inside, a man named Higgy will greet you, and you must select “Hand Over Letter” to change your job.

How do I change my job to Archer Ragnarok?

Quest Reward(s):

  1. Head to the Archer Guild (pay_arche 145, 164) in the Archer Village north of Payon.
  2. Talk to the Archer Guildsman (payon_in02 64,71). You will be told to collect different type of Trunks for a minimum of 25 points. …
  3. After enough Trunks are brought back, the player will have their job changed to an Archer.

How do you get a high acolyte?

Once the player has confirmed they want to become an Acolyte, they receive a Novice Mace [3] along with their job change. Once the player has Rebirthed as a High Novice and has reached Job Level 10, they can return to the Cleric NPC who will change their job to High Acolyte.