Did Deacon find the railroad?

Should I go with Deacon’s lie?

Speak with Desdemona, and if your Charisma is decent, go with Deacon’s lie. You’ve proven yourself to be Railroad material, and have even earned a codename. … If you let Desdemona decide your codename, you’ll be deemed “The Wanderer”.

Is Deacon the drifter?

Yes , that drifter is in fact Deacon. He can be seen spying on you at different locations like Diamond City as well, all before you join the Railroad.

What is Deacon’s real name Fallout 4?

Deacon knew about Father and how he relates to the Sole Survivor. Barbara’s story is true. Deacon is John D. He runs the Railroad, but he did not found it.

Is Deacon a synth?

He’s not a synth. When he was young, he was part of a gang that harrassed suspected synths. He left after they lynched someone.

What is Deacon’s recall code?

Deacon mentions that his recall code is “You can’t trust everyone,” which is a lie because he is not actually a synth.

What does Deacon like?

Deacon is fond of everything that is subtle and rogue like. That includes picking locks, hacking and choosing vague (like you are hiding the info or being subtle) answers in the dialogues. Of course, he is fond of Synths. So, any pro Synth decision will grant you some reputation.

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Where do you meet Deacon?

He can be found wandering around Goodneighbor disguised as a “drifter” and later joining in Hancock’s speech about the Institute. He can also be found in one of the pods in Memory Den. He may be spotted in Bunker Hill disguised as a “caravan worker.”

Can synths become ghouls?

Synths are, biologically-speaking, human (a species capable of becoming Ghouls).

Is the sole survivor a synth?

The reveal that the Sole Survivor is a synth would have made that prescriptive backstory make a lot more sense – just as it’s forced on the player, so too was it forced on the player character through false memories. The reveal would also free the player character from that backstory when they explore the world.