Best answer: Who is the pastor of World Harvest Church?

Who is Rod Parsley married to?

Who is Rod Parsley daughter?

Does Rod Parsley have a son?

When was the Harvest Church founded?

It was founded in 1973 by Greg Laurie. Laurie has been the senior pastor since that time. Harvest is a megachurch with a congregation of 15,000.

How much money does Rod Parsley make?

As of April 1, 2021, Rod Parsley had a net worth of $4 million. Parsley has earned much of his wealth from evangelical work. Presently, his World Harvest Church registers around 10,000 attendees every week.

Where is Rod Parsley from?

What happened to World Harvest Bible College?

World Harvest Bible College, which was formerly known as Indiana Christian University, is a Christian university located in South Bend, Indiana. … The school went by Indiana Christian University until 2014, when the board of trustees opted to return to its original name, World Harvest Bible College.

How much is Kenneth Copeland worth?

Copeland has amassed significant wealth during his career, and has referred to himself as a “very wealthy man”. Beliefnet has estimated his net worth at $760 million.

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