Best answer: What does it mean to christen something?

What does it mean to christen the house?

The term “christening” usually refers to a baptism that is performed on a baby as one of the sacraments in the Christian religion. … This is the other meaning of “christening” a room — when a couple engages in sex in the room for the first time.

What does it mean to christen a car?

To use for the first time. Christened the new car by going for a drive.

What does it mean to christen something new?

The First Lady christened the ship, “USS Arizona.” If you christen something new, you use it for the first time: I’m going to christen my new golf clubs this week.

What is the meaning of Lustrate?

lustrate. / (ˈlʌstreɪt) / verb. (tr) to purify by means of religious rituals or ceremonies.

How do you christen something?


  1. 2 : to name or dedicate (something, such as a ship) by a ceremony that often involves breaking a bottle of champagne.
  2. 3 : name sense 1 The newspaper christened her as the reigning Queen of Tennis.
  3. 4 : to use for the first time They christened the new ballpark with a win.

Can you be christened at any age?

Yes they can! Regardless of denomination, Christenings can take place at any age; even adults can get christened which is sometimes a requirement when couples want to get married in a church. It’s never too late to get christened or baptised.

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What’s it called when you break something in for the first time?

▲ Doing something for the first time. new. fledgling. inexperienced.

At what age should a child be christened?

She says: “I’ve found babies are now getting christened at an older age. From my experience, the average age now is between three and six months, whereas in the past babies were Christened just after birth.” Older christenings have prompted a change in baby attire at the baptismal font.

What age do babies get christened?

The average age for christening a baby now is around 3-6 months old, compared to around 6 weeks old in the 1980’s.