Frequent question: Who was the first Protestant monarch of England?

When did England become Protestant?

Despite the zeal of religious reformers in Europe, England was slow to question the established Church. During the reign of Henry VIII, however,the tide turned in favour of Protestantism, and by the 1600s the new Church held sway over the old.

What did Edward v1 change?

During Edward’s reign, major changes did occur. Laws were passed to make churches more plain. Catholic churches were rich in decorations and colour. Now under Edward, stained glass windows and pictures were removed from churches; the furniture within churches became very basic and plain.

How did Edward change religion in England?

Laws are passed to make England a Protestant country

The country was ruled by ‘Protectors’ on his behalf. They passed laws – with Edward’s agreement – which made the Church Protestant. The Latin Mass was no longer used. A Book of Common Prayer was introduced.

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