Frequent question: What comes after baptism of fire?

What happens to Ciri at the end of baptism of fire?

In Brokilon, he meets a young woman who will follow him on his journey towards Nilfgaard. Meanwhile, Ciri has settled into a life with some people elsewhere whom she finally can call her friends.

Are The Witcher books finished?

Do the Witcher books have an ending? The Witcher books do in fact have an ending. The final book of the series is called The Lady of the Lake. The book was released in 1999 and it serves as the end of the book series.

Are Witcher books worth reading?

They are really good books. … The books actually became popular due the Witcher 3 video game. The books enhance the playing experience but all in all, the storytelling and character depth of the video game is much better.

How old is Geralt?

How Old Are the Main Characters in The Witcher

Name Age (years)
Geralt of Rivia between 90 and 100
Yennefer of Vengerberg almost 100
Jaskier (Dandelion) between 35 and 45
Ciri around 22 – 23

How old is Ciri in baptism of fire?

In Baptism fire there are references of her being 15 Fingrilla “he entire court of Loc Grim had the opportunity to admire a fifteen year old girl…” In the Tower of Swallows Vysogota “let it be recorded as follows. She appeared to be about sixteen years of age, tall, her formation is rather thin…”

Who is Ciri’s love interest?

Shortly after Ciri traveled back to Skellige and at one point became extremely infatuated with one of the kingdom’s famous warriors, Olaf Stigvason. However, this love was never meant to be as he was 35 years old, married, and with children older than Ciri.