Your question: Where is Yahweh found in the Bible?

Is Yahweh mentioned in the Bible? Although the Bible, and specifically the Book of Exodus, presents Yahweh as the god of the Israelites, there are many passages which make clear that this deity was also worshipped by other peoples in Canaan. How many times does Yahweh appear in the Bible? The name YH (Yah/Jah), … Read more

Your question: Which religion does not have a sacred text?

Do all religions have a sacred text? Editorial credit: Tukaram. Karve / Religious texts are those sacred and central to the teachings of almost every given religion.…Most Sacred Texts Of Major World Religions. Religions Most Sacred Text(s) Hinduism The Vedas and The Upanishads Islam The Quran and The Hadiths Jainism The Agamas Does … Read more

Your question: Who are the current cardinal bishops?

How many cardinal bishops are there? Only six cardinals hold the title of cardinal bishop. Each cardinal bishop holds jurisdiction over a church in a suburb of Rome. These cardinals work in departments of the Roman Curia, the central administration of the church. Do the cardinals have power over the bishops? Immediately below the … Read more

Your question: Who believes in the Book of Mormon?

How does Mormonism differ from Christianity? Christians believe in the Holy Bible. For Christians, Jesus is believed to have been born to the Virgin Mary, Â whereas Mormons believe that Jesus had a natural birth. The Mormons believe in a heavenly father, who has a physical body. On the other hand, Christians believe in … Read more

Your question: Who built St John’s Church in DC?

Was the White House ever a church? Designed originally by Benjamin Henry Latrobe for a rich parishioner, John Tayloe, the church was uninhibited by committee votes and stood in secular glory for nearly thirty years, until the addition of columns and a steeple brought it into conformity. How long has St Johns Church been … Read more

Your question: Who is responsible for the King James Bible?

Who owns the rights to the King James Bible? The crown has a perpetual copyright on the King James Bible, through “letters patent” originally issued to stop unofficial editions and then to protect the country from ranters, shakers, Quakers, nonconformity and popery. Is King James the original Bible? The Holy Bible, containing the Old … Read more

Your question: Who Runs the Church?

Who governs the church? The minister of the church (sometimes referred to as a teaching elder) is a member of and presides over the session; lay representatives (ruling elders or, informally, just elders) are elected by the congregation. Who runs the church according to the Bible? Though many people have the misconception that the … Read more

Your question: Who translated the American Standard Bible?

What is the most accurate translation of the Bible in the world? The New American Standard Bible (NASB) holds the reputation for being the “most accurate” Bible translation in English. This translation was first published in 1963, with the most recent edition being published in 1995. Who originally translated the Bible? William Tyndale (1494?-1536), … Read more

Your question: Who was blind in the Bible?

Who became blind in the Bible? In the Bible, St. Paul (Saul of Tarsus) was struck blind by a light from heaven. Three days later his vision was restored by a “laying on of hands.” The circumstances surrounding his blindness represent an important episode in the history of religion. Who was the blind woman … Read more